Published on : 21 October 20212 min reading time
The personalized notebook is an original idea for a promotional gift that is very much appreciated by your prospects and clients for taking notes during meetings or on a daily basis. Notebooks remain a very useful work tool and will accompany your customers anywhere, until there is no more room to write. With one personalized notebook, your promotional design or brand could be seen many times over. But how do you customize a notebook for a business? Follow the details.

Why give personalized notebooks?

Personalized notebooks as a promotional item offer several benefits. First and foremost, notepads and notebooks are a must-have accessory for jotting down appointments, taking notes, remembering important events and collecting ideas. Offering personalized notebooks as advertising goodies, with your slogan or logo, to your prospects and customers will increase your brand awareness. Imagine how many times your advertising message can be seen by your customers and the people they come in contact with while using them, thanks to a single personalized notebook. In addition, the personalized notebook is a true corporate communication vehicle, as it has a large branding area that will showcase your logo.

Which printing to choose for the personalized notebooks?

The printing technique is a criterion not to be neglected when choosing personalized notebooks. There are several types of printing such as screen printing and digital printing. Screen printing is the most economical and popular. It gives you the possibility to print messages or logos in up to 4 colors. If you want to personalize the cover of your notebook with an image that includes multiple colors and shading, it is best to choose digital printing. There are also some models that can print your logo with a laser or in low relief for an undeniably unique effect.

How to customize a business notebook?

Choosing a personalized notebook for your company is not an easy task. Fortunately, there are specialized websites that offer different models of customizable notebooks from which you can choose, depending on your needs. When you choose promotional notebooks, there are three variables to consider, including the size, the cover material and their sheets. You also need to consider how you want the pages, you can choose from gridded, white, striped sheets.