Published on : 21 October 20212 min reading time
For all businesses, the main goal is to increase brand awareness at a lower cost. Customized boxes can go a long way in helping to achieve this.

Create custom boxes

Whether it’s for packaging jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, or medical products, there are many variations of custom sizes and shapes that can be configured. It is advisable to choose a millimeter-custom configuration to reduce the need for packaging material and to become more environmentally friendly.

In addition to berlingot boxes, gift boxes with handle, euro perforated folding cartons, online packaging designers also offer packaging with special shapes such as triangle, petal, and shipping boxes…

Referring to ECMA (European Carton Makers Association) and FEFCO (European Federation of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers) standard codes can help in choosing packaging sizes.

Customize corporate boxes with a unique design

Designing a custom corporate box is a technique to increase the visibility of a brand in a fast and efficient way.

The creation of a shipping box is done in just a few steps. First, the company must choose between a single or double flute box, and tell the box manufacturers the dimensions they want. Then, you must choose the sides to be printed, and the colors for the printing. Four-color printing on each surface allows a great possibility of design, which gives the desired individuality. It is also important to specify the desired quantity of boxes and upload the company logo. The logo or any type of design can be printed on the professional packaging to make the design of the box unique. Once you have read the summary of the quote, you can confirm the order of the personalized boxes.

Useful tips

The design, size and shape of the packaging directly impacts the sale of the products. Companies who are not familiar with this can benefit from the experience and advice of online advertising agencies and graphic designers.

In case of a limited budget, it is advisable to use the design tools that allow to create customized packaging even without specialized knowledge of the field.

It is necessary to order a sample kit of products to see the quality of printing, the speed of service, the shape of the packaging and especially to discover their folding technique.