The advertising pen is one of the most used means of communication by the advertisers. But to boost this style of advertising even more, the eco-friendly advertising pen has been put on the market. But is it really necessary to use it? To be able to see more clearly, it would be best to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this style of advertising.

The good sides

Everything that concerns the environment is important at the moment, but it also affects everyone. So, deciding to go for recycling is a very good point, because first of all, it shows that the company cares about the environment. And it doesn't just show that the company cares about the environment, it actually helps protect the environment: recycled materials leave a small carbon footprint which helps the air and water to be less polluted. Another good thing about the green promotional pen is that it is durable. Usually, it is well made and that is why it is guaranteed to last a long time. It probably goes without saying, but it obviously lasts longer than its counterpart. And this leads to the last point: since it is durable, then one can count on a reduction in production eventually, and in this case the economy on the horizon.

The downside

Although the good sides seem to be irrefutable, there are still bad sides to be expected. First, one of its worst sides is that it has a higher initial cost. While it may eventually help save money, going green requires investment and costs more initially. Without a fund, it would initially be impossible and it is also possible that it will bring in losses. And since we are talking about revenue, it is true that the use of green advertising pens would be advantageous in the long run, but it should be taken into account that if there is not enough money to continue this style of advertising, it would also bring losses. In addition, it is very bad publicity to be green and then turn into "anti-green". This would damage the image of the company in a way that could be irreversible.

What does this mean?

All things have their strengths and weaknesses, you just have to find the balance between the two. If the company is powerful enough to go green, the advantages will outweigh the disadvantages. And if the company is still growing, it may be better to use the old ways! It is true that if we use the green advertising pens, it would be beneficial for our environment, but if we just go headlong, it will not bring any benefit for us and even less for the environment. Using the eco-friendly advertising pen makes good publicity, but it is still optional. Its use depends on each one and there is no constraint to its use.