Published on : 21 October 20213 min reading time
Personalized items with company branding among other things also serve as advertising. It is always interesting to see items bearing a company’s logo. So, it would be a good idea to give promotional personalized notebooks to employees since they keep taking notes.

The right size to choose

In their original designs, notepads come in a variety of sizes. Different sizes, different styles, for more choices, click here. It is up to you to make it your own. Corporate notebooks are one of the most common goodies. They come in different formats: A6, A5 or A4. The format depends on the use of the notebook. The large format notebook is often used in the office. If you have to write down details of meetings or observations, it is better to use a large format. If, on the other hand, you are often on the move, you need something that you can slip into your bag, especially women. In these cases, A5 or even A6 diaries are more suitable.

The style to adapt

When you make personalized promotional notebooks, you can individualize both the cover and the interior. Most often, for the cover, the company’s logo and slogan are a must. Then, you can add elements that make it unique. For example, a drawing that indicates the department to which the recipient belongs: images of a calculating machine and an account sheet for the accounting department. The choice of color also plays a big role in making the object stand out from the others. As for the interior, the style can also differ: the presentation of the lines, the place of the company logo on each sheet. And perhaps some small indicative drawings.

Other presentations to consider

Corporate notebooks can also have particular bindings or a certain way of sealing them. One of the most common is the spiral notebook. In this model, the binding of the notebook is made of a spiral often metal on the left side or on the top part. Other notebooks are bound like books by being glued. There are also notebooks with ribbons where the ribbon is used to close the notebook. It is attached to one side of the cover and is passed around the notebook to lock it. Some notebooks close with a button often placed in the middle of its length. For other diaries as well, instead of the button there is a magnet that is covered to keep the aesthetics of the notebook. The style of a promotional personalized notebook thus depends on the needs of the company. All those who make them are there to materialize the ideas of the companies.