To reward your customers' loyalty and your employees' loyalty, you can distribute corporate gifts. Here are some ideas for corporate gifts. Then, find out when to give these gifts and recognize the best corporate gift provider.

Corporate gift ideas

A corporate gift is a personalized object (often with the company's logo) intended for free distribution internally (for employees) or externally (for customers and prospects). There are different types of gifts including goodies, raffle prizes, best-seller prizes (especially for authorized distributors), merit prizes (exemplary employees), etc. Goodies should be small objects useful in everyone's daily life such as key rings, decorative objects, clothing, towels, bags, etc. But to highlight your brand, the ideal would be to adapt these goodies according to the products or services of the company. If the company sells hair products, the goodies should be hair related: hair brushes, a cape, etc. Other gifts are larger such as a smartphone, a staycation, a television, etc.

The right times to offer corporate gifts

During the festive periods and during the events in your company, it is highly recommended to share corporate gifts to your employees. This way, they will feel important and considered. And above all, they will feel like they belong to the company. Regarding the distribution of corporate gifts externally, it allows to gain visibility. Offer corporate gifts to prospects during trade shows to enhance your brand. And during different commercial actions such as promotions, sales animations, it is strongly recommended to prepare corporate gifts of very large quantity for all the customers who will come to buy your products. These goodies symbolize your gratitude. They allow you to build customer loyalty and encourage the public to consume your products and services.

Recognize the top suppliers of corporate gifts

To maintain your brand image, place your orders with a good corporate gift supplier. All suppliers have a catalog of all the gifts they have made for various companies. To ensure that their service meets your personal expectations, you can ask them to make a sample before mass production. Avoid comparing suppliers by the prices of their products, as quality is not cheap. A better corporate gift supplier will be able to advise you. If in doubt, do not hesitate to consult the reviews on the internet.