The agenda is a professional tool used in large companies. At the present time of new technology, it is no longer limited to a paper form. But how to choose the diaries of its employees?

Choose the diaries adapted to the needs of the company and the employees

f you decide to offer diaries to your employees, you must first define a format adapted to the use, you will thus have the choice between a form that can fit in a bag, i.e. a pocket size or on the contrary a larger format adapted to the office. The office size is ideal for professional use. It should be noted that an agenda for professional use will limit the number of grids for weekends and holidays in favor of working days for note taking. In some cases, a diary can also be used as a notepad to write down for example memos related to a business meeting, or the directives of the directive in relation to a client. Having customizable Bookblock agendas for your employees will allow them to organize their day according to the needs of the business, plan ahead for monthly or yearly business calendars.

Choose a diary according to its external aspects

For a business calendar, the external aspect is very important to demonstrate to customers the seriousness of the company. It is also an opportunity to increase the visibility of the company with its logo on the cover of the agenda. This cover can be rigid or flexible, for example an imitation of copper will be more flexible than paperboard or even plastic. A soft cover allows you to put more print or image for example the slogan of the company. Concerning the binding, it can take different forms, for example it can be spiral to allow a better mobility of the agenda, it is made for employees who do not have time for an agenda difficult to open. For people working in difficult conditions, for example on a construction site, the sewn binding is ideal, because it allows the sheets of paper to remain well fixed.

Other criteria for choosing diaries for your employees

Depending on your sensitivity to the cause of environmental protection, it is possible to choose diaries with recycled paper, that is, the manufacturer has a special label that confirms the use of materials from recycling. Finally, for the choice of colors, you should choose between white or ivory, the latter being more classy and appropriate for a corporate agenda.