Want to treat your employees or customers to a gift for the holidays or simply at any time of the year? It's a great idea to show them your gratitude or simply to reward their hard work. To do this, bet on a DIY corporate gift at all costs! In fact, there is no shortage of ideas for DIY corporate gifts... Choose from these to give your employees the best merits!

DIY corporate gift for food lovers: the surprise basket

The last time you used your two little hands to use your creativity was in elementary school? Don't panic, you can impress your employees by opting for a personalized and original DIY corporate gift. For Christmas, for a birthday or any other occasion to celebrate, nothing beats the surprise basket. For the greatest pleasure of the gourmets, bet on fresh and local products that you can embellish with a small personal touch. This DIY corporate gift offers you a wide range of ideas: honey jar, terrine jar, sparkling wine, chocolate bar, sweets... Once you have gathered the products, all you have to do is assemble the whole thing in a small handmade basket or one made by craftsmen. Adorn it with a pretty ribbon and that's the job!

DIY corporate gift for the holidays: the greeting card

To thank your employees for their efforts and the good vibes they bring to the office, you don't have to go all out. Take advantage of the holidays to say thank you with a simple and effective DIY corporate gift. How about a greeting card? Much too classic for your taste? Just personalize it to do things differently. Embroidered greeting card, greeting card with a photo, greeting card with decorations and little extra details... Take your pick and go for it!

DIY corporate gifts to make a lasting impression: the famous goodies

Goodies are a very trendy and unavoidable DIY corporate gift idea. Moreover, there are many objects to personalize, depending on the tastes of your employees. T-shirts, mugs, pins or bracelets, it's up to you to decide which goodies will make the difference. Don't hesitate to put your logo on it, as well as a little note to accompany the gift. And now, all that's left to do is wrap it up and that's the job!